In poster board

Post Board Project for Stamps

A cutting mat, a metal ruler, a cutting knife, a bone folder and a pen. I used the pen for my five inch increments for my shelves to go with dots to mark the spot. I used the bone folder to draw my lines before cutting.
2 poster boards, one for the back of the shelving unit and the other to cut up for shelves and sides/top.
measure your piece of poster board to determine the length and width of your shelves and sides.
Cut 4"w shelves to fit into 5"h spaces as this is the of most of biggest stamps. 
Glue the sides and top first to provide stability to the shelves when gluing.
Add the shelves, careful with the glue gun, when you reload and press into the gun it releases a blob of glue.

I am waiting for my husband to come home this weekend to screw in the back to the wall and give it that lift it needs!.. whalla..

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