G45 box and Mini Album / Night Light

Graphic45 Dreamland collection papers.
I used only one 8x8 pad with three complementary cardstock papers.
I used the chipboard tags of the same collection as well as the die cuts.  
I was able to make a lined box/night light covered in G45 designer paper and a Mini Album. 
Staples used are: 
Club G45 November Volume 10 Dreamland

Graphic45 makes creating so fun and easily inspires me. Today I created a box/nightlight box. Just take out the cute mini album and replace with a rechargeable flickering tealight.

I used a rechargeable tealight to turn my altered box into a nightlight.
Decorated a cloths pin to match


Acrylic Pour Catch The Wave

Today I would like to show you my latest Acrylic Pour. I call it "Catch the wave". This acrylic paint pour is achieved with acrylic paint, paint extender and silicone oil. This is a 12"x 12" piece using a pour and swipe technique.


Clay, texture and Mica

Time to get back to some clay.... it feels so good in my hands and is a good "stress" reliever for me.  I had a "brick" of black Sculpey III and some previous posts (here and here) reminded me of some things I wanted to try. 
Using some heart shaped cutters, texture stamps, mica and a bit of wire, some beads, I'd like to share two of the pieces I created during a recent play session.  

You'll need:
Sculpey III
Sculpey liquid clay (used as glue)
Sculpey Glaze
Heart Shaped clay cutters
Acrylic roller
Mica  Powder(Mixed Media Supplies)
Texture stamps
Round needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
beads and other pieces for embellishment
Paint brush
Baking tile or pan with aluminum foil

Condition clay according to manufacturer's directions. Using the acrylic roller, roll the clay to approximately 1/4 inch thick. Press the texture stamp into the clay and roll with the roller to get a good impression.  Cut with the cutters.  Smooth the sides of the clay.

Add beads, gems, embellishments. Use "glue" if needed. 

Brush on a little mica as desired. 

Optional:  Cut 2 pieces of wire about 3 inches long. Create a loop and twist the ends.  Repeat with the second piece of wire.  Flatten and insert into the clay. 
Bake as directed.  I generally add about 5 extra minutes to the baking process.  When the clay has thoroughly cooled, Apply glaze and let dry for 24 hours.  (If you chose not to add the loops, you can glue a flat backed bail to the back of the pendant or a pin back.) 

Add additional beads and chain as desired for a necklace. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll be creating in your crafting space soon! Please drop by my blog for more creative fun! 


My daughters 27th Birthday Card

Mica Powders and Resin Butterfly

Mixed Media Supplies Mica Powders Copper, Pearl, and Saphire
Gold PearlEx
Resin skins
Glue (E6000)

I love to play with resin and especially the drippings that come off the original art piece.  In this case, I have sparkly and shimmery metallic micas. Resin makes great embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages as it can lye flat.  I used the mica powders with ArtResin as directed 1:1 stirring for the complete 4 minutes.
I used very little mica to color the resin for an entire 10x10 canvas board.
After I had let the resin cure for 12hrs I could then peel the resin off the parchment paper which was in place to catch all the drippings.  I used these left over bendy resin skins to cut into the shape of butterfly wings. I then let cure another 24hrs and glued them to a drawer pull. The tail lifts up.  I imagined this to be used as a zipper pull or hanging on a backpack.


Stamping as a stencil

Hi, Jan here.  I wanted to share this quick project with you.  Every once in a while you need a new key chain.... here's mine inspired by all of the magnificent sunsets we've been seeing in recent days.

You'll need:
woodburning tool (mine is really old -- and not many safety features -- adult supervision is essential if you're letting kids do this)
Mixed Media Diamond Fence background stamp
water based inks (do not use a solvent based ink to stamp the background stamp on your wood)
blending tool
ModPodge matte finish
Wood (a Jenga or Tumbling Block wood piece is perfect)
eye screw (Stash)
key chain ring (Stash)

Prep the wood.  The wood I used is untreated -- no finish (therefore no toxic fumes when you use the woodburning tool). If it needs a little sanding for a smooth stamping surface, do it now.  Clean as needed.

Using a black or gray ink,  lightly stamp as desired around the block.

Preheat the woodburning tool.  Following the pattern of the stamp, burn the pattern into the wood.  You don't need to go really deep, follow the inked pattern as closely as you can. The wood I used was pretty soft -- and I got a nice color quickly.  Once you have the pattern burned in, make sure you unplug the burner and set aside to cool.  If desired, grab that sandpaper again for a quick go over.  I didn't want a deep pattern, so I did a light sanding.  Wipe any any excess dust.

Using a blending tool and desired ink colors, apply to the wood on all four sides.

Let the inks sit overnight to ensure they are dry and won't move a lot when you brush on ModPodge sealer.  I coated half of the piece, let dry and then added a coat to the remaining sides, let dry.  Add the screw eye and key chain ring.

I can see so many possibilities with other stencils and stamps for all holidays and these becoming ornaments. Hope you have set aside some creative time this weekend!  Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to drop by my blog for additional Mixed Media and other projects.


Metal Gears Journal Cover

Today I would like to tell you how I made this Journal Cover. 
Supplies used today are :
THoltz Die Gears
Journal Cover
Inks (distress, versafine black)
Perfect pearls patina collection
DecoArt Antiquing cream
Gel Medium (any glue will do)
Collage papers
Black marker

 I cut my gears out first and laid them down to paint. 
I used perfect pearls patina silver, green and blue. I dabbed on the powders using a gel medium. 

Next, I pulled out some real cinnamon, again using my medium to stick it to the gears. Lastly, I pulled out my mixed media supplies mica powder in copper to add the shiny bits. 
I let that dry and started with my journal cover. I collaged some vintage papers/text to my journal cover. Then I got my stamps and stencils out and in black ink, I stamped the chain link fence stamp and used the numbers stencil. Then I took the distress inks and went to town. Firebrick red, Broken China oxide, and Peacock feathers distress inks.  Then I used antiquing cream sparingly on the base. 

I took a black Pitt pen and made brick like marks randomly. 
Then I laid my dried gears and I used double-sided foam tape to prop up some of the gears of the background. 

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial for inspiration for your next steampunk gears journal cover. 


Peggy Oliver


more clay play

Hi everyone.  Jan here to share this mixed media piece.  This piece is ATC size, loaded with mica and involves an impression of a real live leaf into the clay.  The dragonfly is a Mixed Media Supplies digital stamp printed on vellum.

Let's get started.
You'll need:
Clay - black or brown
Mica (Mixed Media Supplies)
Leaf (from a tree or plant)
Gelli Print (stash)
Digital stamp (Mixed Media Supplies)
Tombow Markers
Glossy Resin
Xyron Creative Station (permanent adhesive)
1/4" double stick tape (ScorTape)
soft bristle paint brush.
Pasta Machine (for clay conditioning)
Acrylic roller
Craft Knife
Cardstock (white 3 x 4-inch piece)

Condition clay as directed by the manufacturer, beginning at 1 and finishing at 3 (using a pasta machine).

If you need to, clean and dry the leaf to remove any dirt or chemicals.  Apply a generous coat of mica powder (I used 3 colors) to the back of the leaf (there is more texture there).

Place the leaf on the clay with the mica facing the clay.  Using the acrylic roller, roll the leaf lightly into the clay.  Leave in place and trim the excess clay using the craft knife.  Remove the unneeded clay and remove the leaf.
At this point bake the clay according to manufacturer's directions.  Let cool and remove from baking plate.

Print the dragonfly on vellum in the desired size.  Color on the wrong side (non-printed) as desired using Tombow markers.  The color is transparent on the vellum.  Cut as close to the outside lines as you can.  Apply a light coat of the glossy resin to the printed side of the dragonfly.  Set aside to dry.

Assemble the background.  Because my gelli print is done using copy paper, I add an extra backing of cardstock the same size as the ATC (2.5 x 3.5 in).  Then I add another backing that frames the gelli print (3 x 4).  Adhere using your favorite method.  I run the gelli print through the Xyron for edge to edge coverage.  Adhere the clay leaf to the gelli print, add the dragonfly and frame as desired.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek today.  Please drop by my blog for more mixed media ideas.  Hoping you have some creative time on your calendar this week!  Nurture your heart!


July Welcome

Hi everyone.  Jan here with a fun upcycled bit of porch decor. 
I upcycled another side piece of a deconstructed shelving unit.  The Crackle background stamp from Mixed Media Supplies has always been a favorite of mine.  And even on this big piece, it added just the right touch. 
You'll need paint (Decor Art Multisurface satin- antique white, blue and red and dark gray - wrought iron)
Prep the wood -- I sanded to give the surface a little more tooth for the paint.
I used a based coat of Wrought Iron - let dry thoroughly.

Mark off sections for the "stripes" of color.  Dry brush your colors on.  Let a little of the dark gray wrought iron color show through.  Let dry.  If desired apply another light coat and let dry.

Base coat your letters, mine are 4 inches tall and about 1/4 in thick (Hobby Lobby) The star is about 6 inches in height and has some texture.  I basecoated with the antique white and then applied a coat of Krylon's Hammered copper paint (be sure to apply in a well ventilated area and let dry thoroughly.

Glue the letters and star to the painted base.  Let the glue dry.  For final touches, brayer a light coat of paint onto a portion of the crackle stamp, press lightly to the edges of the board as desired.  It's a nice touch and added just the right amount of texture.
Spray with several light coats of sealer, letting dry between coats.

Thanks for dropping by today and hope you'll set aside some time this week for some creative fun! Would love for you to stop by my blog to see more ideas using Mixed Media Supplies stamps and more. 


Summer Butterflies card

A summer butterfly card today 
I felt inspired by the many butterflies and dragonflies I have in my yard. 
Today I am using 
Computer Grafix printable transparent sheets
Copic Markers
double-sided tape

I printed my stamps onto the plastic sheets and cut out my focal image. 
Next, I colored with my alcohol markers on the opposite side that I printed on. 
I used V17, BV02, BG15, B26 Copic markers but you could use sharpies too. 

 I fussy cut my image out and folded it in the middle to give open wings. I also cut out an image from cardstock that I also used in the background from DCWV.
I used wet glue for the butterflies and double-sided tape for the layered cardstock.
That's it another quick card!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Peggy Oliver


Tiny Journal

I love making journals. I also love using premade booklets to customize my own journals. Here is one using the wonderful Micas and digital images that
Mixed Meda Supplies carry.

 I start with a trip to the Dollar Store. You can purchase three of these mini journals for a dollar.

I used this digital image to use as an overlay on my project.

I used chalk paint to do my background. I then sprayed some glitter mist on it.

I used a mix of chalk paint and sealer to coat over my cut outs.
I love my little book and will share the clasp instructions at a later date. Thank you for visiting!