Arrrrr Special Treasures I leave for the doggy

 Welcome to  "Talk Like a Pirate" Day! Arrrrr my little pirate today is Mama she was me first cat
as an adult and she lived to be 22yrs old.  Today she is sporting a pirates eye patch and focusing on where she buries her treasure... lol

 Arrrr Special treasures left just for the doggy.. hahaha

Have a great week everyone! 
Don't forget to check out my Sisters out at Sisterhood of Snarrrky Stampers. 


  1. She's a gorgeous cat, even if she IS leaving a little surprise for the doggy! Corrrrr, you must be seriously wealthy if you line the litter tray with treasure maps!
    Sistah Jane

  2. Such a pretty kitty - eye patch and all! Great card, Jo x

  3. Too fun! How great that you used a photo of your own Pirate Mama.

  4. I love that you used your cat on your project!! what a great idea!!

  5. Always love me some kitten, perfect job, dear Sistah ♥

  6. Love how you've used the cat - and funny sentiment!