Welcome 2017/2018 Design Team

Welcome, Mixed Media Design Team 2017/2018!

I'm I'm Debi Tullier, I'm a mixed media artist and seasoned Crafter. Paper and fabric ignite my creative juices, I love the thrill of discovering new methods of expressing myself and feel everyday is an opportunity to learn so much more. I love creating projects for challenges and having to think outside of my comfort zone. I love to incorporate watercolor, colored pencils, and markers into my projects. I also have taught adult, and children’s art and sewing classes, I am an HSA certified Sewing Instructor. I have two degrees in art, one in Fine Arts, and the other in Graphic Arts. You'll find my work published in a German Trade magazine for my Wurlitzer Juke Building Facade, and I also have my illustrations in several books. Each and every day is a gift and I want to savor it all!! 

Jan Hunter, a lifelong crafter enjoys creating in many mediums, paper, fabric, clay, digital design, fiber and more.  She loves to quilt, do family history, read and explore other interests.  She has been designing for 30+ years and has seen many "old" techniques revived with new twists because of technology.  Such fun!  She is married and lives in Utah with her husband, providing full-time care of her mother.  They are parents of seven (7) adult children and are grandparents too (10).  She is a consultant (Children's Success Foundation) and certified trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  She has taught crafting classes since 2008 and is the creator of Greatness Gems used by trainers in the approach around the world. Jan is excited to be a part of the Mixed Media Supplies Design Team and is looking forward to spending some additional time crafting and creating showcasing  MMS stamps, stencils and more!  

Hi, my name is Susanne Franin, I enjoy working with different mediums and love getting messy. My favorite medium would have to be Mixed Media either on layouts, of the page product or anything that is alterable. I cannot wait to share and hopefully inspire you with my creations. xx

I am Ade (Aditi Badwe), from Australia. I started watching videos on Mix media art and just fell in love with it...to be honest being creative is my biggest passion and I enjoy nothing more. I am also a mother of a toddler son and he too likes craft activities. I love: mixed media art, DIY projects, fabric & t-shirt painting, making bath salts, altered canvas, abstract art, journaling and pottery painting.

My name is Amber and I live in small town Saskatchewan, Canada! I am mom to 2 and grandmama to a handsome little boy. My hubby is a hard working fireman/town laborer and stamping & creating is my therapy when he is busy taking care of others! I have been addicted to all things ink & paper for close to 10 years when I was invited over to a friend's to create Christmas cards. I've been hooked since then... and I can't wait to rock these challenges with the Team! 

I'm Hema from India, Bangalore. Married and have a teenage son. I love all kinds of mediums in my work.  I love the process of creation and have been creating things since childhood - handmade, paintings, colors always attract me. I love to keep creating even on short travel and have a small art bag carried everywhere when traveling. I love making my own flowers for my projects. I initially started making cards and slowly moved on making many paper craft creations like albums, tags, DIY, and slowly it was mixed media which caught my attention and as a self-taught mixed media person, I love to play with colors, textures, mediums and create lovely creations. It's here you get more freedom to use even the smallest thing in your stash which is just lying in your box......so I love to put in all the stuff and create a magic. I love the colors on my messy hands....LOL!!  I draw inspiration from anything anywhere and would just sit and create.....that's all is shown in my work. I'm happy to be on this team with such talented ladies around!!


  1. Congrats Debi and Jan along with the rest of the team. Looking forward to seeing all your projects and techniques