another day...

Another day goes by without making anything.. I am a mom again with no time to do the things I love..
finally at the end of the day .. I am too tired to make anything. But really looking forward to the Canadian Scrapbook Carnival on Friday.


Scratch and Sniff

Awesome idea..
sugar free fragrance and embossing powder. eg: koolaid and clear embossing powerder. heat to set and whalla..

Scrapbooker Poem

I started out with just one stamp, And when I bought some more
I decided that a shoe box Would make an ideal place to store.
Then as I added inks and pens My stamp collection grew
So I bought a roomy plastic crate, It would last for years, I knew.
Embossing then became my thing With powders and a heat gun,
Metallics, tinsels, pearls and clear, I soon had every one.
By now my lovely plastic crate Was spilling everywhere
And my glitter glue collection Lay scattered on a chair.
My Husband started muttering And said things had to stop,
So I bought a huge old wardrobe At the local charity shop.
But after a while I couldn't shut the door
And I put shelves in the spare room To accommodate yet more.
Our house is now for sale, Something larger being sought,
By the way, did I show you The latest stamp I bought........


The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival. February 25th and 26th - Victoria Conference Centre. 

I cannot wait!
I am really looking forward to this show as we don't have many things going on here.



Valentines Card I am working on

Good Day Scrappers , Card Makers and Stampers!

I would like to share my version of a Valentines day card I saw on the net. I have forgotten where now but I did not come up with the original design. I loved it so much I had to make one for my hubby.


My New Blog Has Launched

Finally I have taken the plunge and invested some time to start my blog.. I am not sure how often I will get time to post on here as I am a mother of three and my one year old keeps me pretty busy. I do feel the itch to get my mind working and have time to myself to make some cards. I have so many idea's and TONS of supplies. I can't stand having it all waiting for me and not have the time .. well and lets face it, energy to get something finished.

I am trying to complete my hubbies valentines card and make some special plans. I think the Keg is in order but hard to pull off with the little one.