Spellbinder Storage Idea

Here is an idea I had to store my Spellbinders.  My husband bought me five new Spellbinders and I wanted a single place to have them all together, so I could choose which one would work best.
I started with a piece of chipboard. I used the back of one of my paper packs and sliced it in half.

I purchased a package of two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of magnet from Walmart for 5 bucks. Then cut them into two lengthways. They had sticky backs so I stuck them to the insides of each page of chipboard.
Then I used sticky tape.

Then I covered it with patterned paper 12x12 cut in half.

Placed my Spellbinders......
 Cut some holes for binding.. I also cut out the spellbinder logo .. now all I have to do is finish a nice cover!