silicone molds and sculpy clay

I purchased this from my local Michaels store it is a two part putty that mixed up makes silicone and from that I used several items to make into molds. The first of these was a frame I wanted to make with white clay.

From This Frame I Made a Mold
This process took me 5 minutes and it is now ready to make my frames.
I flattened out some sculpy clay  and pushed it into my mold. I released the clay by pulling on the edges and lifting out of the mold.
I carefully cut along the outside of the frame as well as the inside circle and baked my clay for 15minutes in the oven at 275f.
and whalla!.. here is my own embellishment ready for painting. ..

I made about 15 molds out of the box with various things like cameos and metal trinkets.