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Hand Made Paper Flowers

I have searched the Internet and finally, after trying several different tutorials, I have found "The One".
Thank you Susan for showing me this method.
This is a fail proof, tried and true, way of making paper flowers so perfectly you will never buy one again!
The best part is .. there is no right or wrong way of cutting the petals, they always look great when they are dried.
So, here goes. .. 

 I have used a simple 1" circle paper punch. I do have to add the one here I like because it has a cover on the back that retracts to hold your paper pieces as you punch. I can punch 12 without it jamming up.. Also the thicker the cardstock the better the result.
Then I fold the circle once....
Twice..and it makes a cone..
The top part of the cone is the edges of the petal and the bottom of the cone is the middle of the flower. By cutting and shaping the top of the cone being careful not to cut the bottom you can create a four petal flower. Each of the sides of the cone has to be cut to make individual petals. Once you cut one you will know exactly what I mean. So repeat 5 times as it takes five flowers to make one completed paper flower.

This is what it looks like open as you can see the petals are not perfect.
I cut out different sizes from big to small ...two big, two med, and one small.
Then the fun begins.. I created homemade glimmer mists from perfect pearls, water and some have acrylic paints.. gold metalic and lilac colors.. some I made just with white PP.
I sprayed these with those homemade glimmer mists about 3-5 sprays with my ranger mister.
I used a cloth under the flowers as they stick to my mat and rip when I picked them up.
Then I took the end of my paint brush and curled the petal over the end.
Then.. this is what makes "it" you pinch each petal between your fingers to look something like this.

Then when all for petals are pinched and rolled , you put it back on a cloth or mouse pad

 and take the end of either a pen or paint brush and push the middle of the flower to form a cup.

All of this is done when they are still wet. Then when all five are completed, stack them on top of one another and push again with the end of a stick to form the cups.

 Leave to dry overnight. In the morning they are stiff and need to be glued with hot glue gun alternating petals as you stack. This is the result:
I then had to bling it up a bit with pearls in the middle and diamond gems...

February Copic Marker Scrapbooking Image designed by Fabulous Kathie Z.

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