Sin City Stamps and Composimold Embellishments

Hi! Peggy here with you today and I would like to show you what I did with some great products that I used to create embellishments. Sin City Stamps makes great embellishments when used with Composimold.
Today I used: 
  • Sin City Stamps
  • Composimold 
  • Crystal Lacquer 
  • Sculpy Clay 
  • White Gesso
  • Double sided tape
  • Cooking Oil
  • Acrylic Paints/Pearl Ex
  • Elmer's Glue

The first thing I did was lined my glass and plastic bowls with double sided tape to hold down 
my Sin City Stamps placed face up. I took my  finger and lightly brushed on some cooking oil. 
(I used a paper towel to soak up any excess.) 
I heated my Composimold for two minutes in the microwave and stirred until melted.
I used a paintbrush to cover just the stamps at first layering evenly.
I make sure to have sufficient layers on the top to make a  good impression.
I let it set and pulled off the Composimold. The double sided tape held my stamps in place. 
I wasn't sure at first what I was going to make embellishments out of. The first thing I tried was Crystal Lacquer. I love how it grabbed every detail. I painted them with white gesso and they are ready for coloring. 

Next I wanted to make some embellishments out of polymer clay. The molds were so easy to use. 
I baked as directed and painted with white gesso. 
Before coloring I lightly sanded all the edges. 

Whalla.. instant embellishments with your stamps! The total process took only minutes. 
Check out Sin City Stamps today! 
Below is my finished home made embellies.. :
I  mostly colored with Pearl Ex and Crystal Lacquer. 

 Below I used black acrylic paint as a base and elmer's glue as a second layer and 
acrylic white and pink to create a crackled distressed look. 
Below I used Pearl Ex to color.
 Here is an embelishment made from Crystal Lacquer as my foundation.
Painted with pearl ex and crystal lacquer.

I hope you enjoyed my embellishment project as much as I had fun making them.