Easy Christmas Home Decor

Hello! Peggy here to show you how to make these easy Christmas decor table decorations. 
The supplies used today are:
Sharpie Pen metalic gold
dictionary pages
shaped Scissors 

I started by opening and cutting a cereal box in half. This gave me two pieces of thin chipboard to work with. I shaped each piece into a cone and trimmed off the bottoms to create a flat bottom.

Below shows the inside ss well as completely tight at the top of the cone.

I cut strips of pattered cardstock, curled the ends and layered them to resemble branches. I glued each piece overlaping slightly so the cone was not visible.

Remember those shaped Scissors well pull them out and give the leaves some texture! I air brushed all leaf tips in metallic gold. It took less than a minute.

Next I punched snowflakes and airbrushed them with a metalic gold sharpie. 

I thought a topper made of dictionary paper would fit my vintage feel. I created two rosettes with an accordian fold. I placed a snowflake in the center and glued the ends and center to create a fanned look. I eBrushed my rosettes in gold metalic sharpies.
That's  it! Assemble and whalla!
I started my second cone by gluing dictionary paper directly to it and trimming the bottom when dry.

I placed a bunch of punched snowflakes sprayed with gold metallic sharpies all over my covered cone.Next I wrapped some burlap around the cone and glued in place.

That's  it!
here is my result.

I hope you have enjoyed todays tutorial. Thank you for joining me today! You can find Craftwell eBrush here. 


  1. OMG THESE are FANTASTIC! Almost Wish I wasn't leaving for Mexico tomorrow so I could go play.... ALMOST! Grin TFS

    1. I think your excused!...this time! Haha thanks Lynne


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