Resin Geode Slice

I have a new addiction! surprise ..surprise right? Well not only did I make something out of resin but seeing others making resin geodes inspired me to make my own.  The best part is I took the best out of all the video time I watched and put it into this piece.   I did record the majority of the pouring. What I do not show is the caulking with a caulking gun and silicone tub and tile. 100% silicone.
So here is Tiger Woods lining up a putt. I put down some saran wrap on top of the glass frame.  Then I caulked with a caulking gun in the shape I desired including the center where I do not want the resin. 

 Next, I layered three deep making sure to adhere to the next layer without holes. 
 I let this dry overnight and the next morning I could pick it up.  So I prepared the glass to accept the resin and to do this I placed a mylar plastic stencil material on top of the glass frame and I used double-sided tape to adhere it to the glass flat. 
When I lay down my silicone mold to the mylar matt I secure the edges with more silicone to ensure zero leaking. Like caulking a tub around the edges.
 I purchased some glass beads from the dollar store.  I heated them up in a frying pan for five minutes over medium heat covering it with a lid and then I shocked the glass in ice cold water.  Next, I took a hammer to them and made different sizes.  These will be used in the center. 

Here is a first look at the mixing process

Pouring the first layer 

Watch them blend 

after the next layers go on you can only see the first layer in spots where I added clear or not fully mixed resin color. 
Here you can see all but the final coat of clear before taking the silicone mold off.
 Here the mold has been taken off. 

Each layer was done in the same manner.  Each color mixed for the next layers was not mixed completely meaning I just added the resin to the color and gave it a swirl before pouring. Four layers in total and four days later.
Next, I added the glass to the center.  I took some blue glass and colored it purple with blue and red alcohol inks.  The inner glass is not colored but a light coat of resin applied to make it all stick. 

To finish it off I will be adding black onyx to the outer edges. 
The finished piece is 10x12 inches.  The light lets the colors show thier translucency 


  1. Gorgeous Peggy. It's so beautiful. Great work!♡

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