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Hello! Peggy here to show you how I made this flower art frame with some fantastic products from the Arnold Grummer's Website.

List of supplies I used today are: 
  • Blank frame 
  • White Gesso
  • Egg Whites
  • Paint Brush
  • Specialty Paper #9050
  • MicroFleur Flower Press
  • Flowers and Leaves

First thing I did was find some pretty flower specimens to press. This process is so addicting...I can't wait until all the flowers bloom! 
I placed them in my press and microwaved them for 45 seconds on high. Leaves and thin flowers dried faster than stems and thicker flowers. But the whole process took no more than a few minutes to dry All of the flowers and leaves.
Here they are pressed and dried.

This is my blank frame I used two coats of white gesso.
Here is where the egg whites come in.. Yep.. you heard right Egg Whites are used here to preserve the color of the flowers and to glue them down. Mother natures glue! I read this on the internet and I Had to try it!.
Apparently they will keep their color for years! And give them a glossy shine..
I used some specialty paper from an A La Carte package, it has leaves embedded into the paper. I used the backing that came with the frame and placed my paper behind the frame. This way my recipient can easily take the backing off and use it as a regular frame. I then used my egg whites and glued and preserved my pieces.

Here is a close up of a dried egg white wash over the flower. As you can see it keeps its gloss..

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and inspired you to try something new!
You can save 20% off when placing your order this month by using this code: MOM20 at checkout.
 Arnold Grummer's Website.

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