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 Hello Peggy Oliver here to show you how I transformed my dollar store boxes with my DecoArt products into a vintage storage solution. I started with a set of boxes they came three across. I glued these set of three to each other using E6000 glue.
Next I used Americana Gel Stains from DecoArt.  I applied my gel stain with a brush and wiped it off with a cloth. I did this in sections.  Below is the stain directly applied to the pine box.

Below you can see the result after wiping it off. 

This is the back of the two boxes now one and all stained.  It really looks darker in real life to resemble oak. Fantastic stain I love my results.
Here finished I applied handles to the backs of each drawer so I could slide them in and out easily and gave it that vintage feel.  This final photo shows the more true to life color

I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial and a huge thank you to DecoArt for the Gel Stains. You can find them here: Americana Gel Stains Oak

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