DIY Cafe Paris Wall Decor with DecoArt Stencils

Hello! Today I would like to show you how I made this wooden sign from a scrap of wood. 
Supplies used today are: 
Paint Brush
Pictured here are all my supplies. I found a piece of wood from a sign shop dumpster. Its three ply. Pretty nice wood but the grain is going the wrong way for my sign. 

I used Gesso from the Media line at DecoArt and covered my entire piece of wood. 

 Next I mixed some black with white liquid acrylic pain to make grey and created some lines to represent three separate pieces of wood. As if it were nailed together I even created nail holes with paint.  Next I mixed the cadmium red with white to create pink. I lightly brushed both the pink and grey colors over my entire piece to resemble a worn out or distressed look. 
 Then it was time to stencil and I chose to use some DecoArt Media Crackle Paste and some Cadmium Red mixed together.  This gave me a really cool pink crackle.
 Next I decided to add a white wash using white acrylic watered down and I covered my entire piece.

 Lastly I touched up my stencil lettering with some red cadmium and silver metalic paints from the DecoArt Media Line.  I just used my fingers to lightly touch the raised lettering. 

And that's it! Fabulous DIY wooden decor!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial  and I encourage you to visit 
DecoArt Blog and Website for their complete line of Media and Stencils.