Ballerina Dress Canvas Kroma Acrylic Paints


Sometime last year I discovered The Art Sherpa's videos on YouTube and I was hooked.  Well finally
I have some quality paints and canvas' to paint on and I thought I would follow a video I thought would look fabulous on my daughter's pink wall.  Her instructions were very clear and being able to see her on video step by step made this process fun and easy to do. Thank you Cinnamon!!


  1. Oh WOW! This is wonderful! I LOVE the Art Sherpa, I discovered her last fall and I find her easy-going way of instructing not only inspiring but also empowering and she gives me the courage to finally put paint to canvas! Do MORE like this, OK? GRIN

    1. I will! Thank you Lynne! It really was relaxing. This was my first big canvas.

  2. This looks fabulous! Perfect for a little girl's room! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! :)