Raising My Holiday Spirits by Debi Tullier

During the holidays I sometimes get a little down. Family logistics, Poppa not being here, as time goes on,  time does  make big changes. I know that there is one thing that can lift my spirit, Color.  Having color around me brightens my day and my thoughts. So here we go!

I love making tags. I can tie them together, give them as gifts, and just look at them. I love getting lost in the making of them as well.

I started with a tag painted with white and blue acrylic paint. 

I then took one of Mixed Media Supplies Crackle background rubber stamp and stamped silver ink all over it. 

I layered another stamp Dark Distress over the first inking. I used a pink ink.

I used Punchinello with homemade molding paste mixed with Metallic Mica Powder

I then used a chalk to tint the edges and some interior areas of my tags.

I love the digital art sheets that are available from Mixed Media Supply. You can find many digital downloadable images here.

On this tag I also layered over with some wonderful gold paste that I had on hand. I feel that these tags helped my lift my spirits. If the holidays are a little rough for you, sometimes a little time spent relaxing can make all the difference.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. LOVE the colors and textures, Debi! I may have to try a couple too!

  2. Craft therapy is good stuff! Texture is life, love those colors! Thanx for sharing! God bless and much love! <3

  3. Fabulous Tags and very uplifting colors. I love it!

  4. ;ove the crackle and the other textures xx