You are my "Valentine card" by unstoppable Ade

Hi ! Check out my latest blog You are my "Valentine card"...for Mixed Media Supplies...It was so much fun making it also checkout the step by step process of how I made it..

We will Need:
purple card stock
Watercolor paper
Mixed Media Supplies Texture stamp Mixed Media Supplieswww.mixedmediasupplies.com
Any gift warp paper
Permanent ink pad
watercolor brush
2 way tape

Step by step process:
Step 1:

cut the watercolor paper according to your desired dimensions then take any shade of your favorite watercolor shade and spread on any surface and dab it on watercolor surface. I chosen acrylic bloc so I got checks pattern when I transferred the color from acrylic block to watercolor paper
Step 2:
Let the color dry then I have used one of beautiful gift wrap paper and chosen the images to cut out then sticking on the watercolor paper using glue

Step 3:
then after gluing my favorite images I have added heart shapes stamps,washi tape patterned stamp, scribble text type stamp and off course texture stamp from Mixed media supplies store with permanent ink pad

Step 4:
After stamping I have used black watercolor pencil to highlight the edges as well as corner of the paper

Step 5:

I used watercolor brush to disperse the pencil strokes by it and added final sticker on top as an embellishments

Step 6:
Hence we have completed our process of beautiful Valentine card making by using the double sided tape by sticking on the purple cardstock and we are done...

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