Joy to the World - a little mixed media ornament

Hi, Everyone.  Jan, here.  We've had our first real snow of the season and it's perfect weather to make a few more gifts to share with special friends.
This mixed media oversized "ornament" was fun so let's get started!

You'll need:
Cardboard coaster (4 x 4 inches)
White paint
texture paste
Thick Vertical Distress Background Stamp
Sapphire Blue Mica Powder
digital paper print
JOY diecut (I created my own using fonts and basic shapes)
electronic die cutting machine and software
clear glaze
Mod Podge
palette knife
foam brush
beads, t-pins
wire cutters
hot glue gun
3/8 " hole punch
snowflake button
Xyron - permanent adhesive
Micron .01 black pen

Cut the JOY with your electronic cutting machine.  I cut 4 and then cut 5 additional snowflakes. Using the Xyron, apply adhesive to all but one of the JOY cuts and to all but 2 of the extra snowflake cuts.  Stack the JOY cuts.  If desired, edge the letters with a little light brown to "antique" it and then using some clear glaze and a bit of the mica powder, paint the snow flake.  Let dry.  With the snowflakes, make one stack 3 cuts deep and a second 2 cuts deep.  Paint them with the glaze and mica mixture.  Set aside to dry.

Prep the coaster by spreading a coat of paint using a palette knife.  Let dry.

Apply a light coat of the texture paste on the coaster.  While still wet, stamp the paste with the background stamp.  My paste was a little too wet and thick, but the texture I got was just as I'd hoped.  Wash your stamp as quickly as possible.  Let the paste dry.

Tear a strip of the digital printed paper and apply to the painted coaster on the right side with some mod podge.  Let dry.  If you need to, trim the edges and sand lightly.  You can apply another coat of paint and "white wash" the digital paper.  Mine definitely needed to be toned down a bit.   Let dry.

Apply a light coat of glue to the back of the JOY cutout and adhere to the coaster.  Now, glue the snowflake (stack of 3) to the front of the snowflake.  Let the glue set.  I wanted the uppermost stack to pop out a little more, so I used some pop-up dots on the back.  Glue the button to the front using some hot glue.
If desired, use a micron pen to write to the world under the JOY cutout. 

Punch two holes at the top of the coaster as shown in the image above.

Create two bead dangles and thread them onto the ribbon.  Thread the ribbon through one of the hole going front to back and tie in place.  Trim the ends if needed.  Thread the other end of the ribbon, going front to back making sure your ribbon isn't twisted and tie off.
Your new mixed media ornament is ready to hang or gift to a special friend. 

Hope you have some crafting time planned in the days to come.... and stay tuned to the Mixed Media blog for more fun ideas the rest of this week. Merry Christmas everyone!