Part one of DragonFly Love!

Mixed Media Supplies has some dynamite digital images. You have the opportunity to manipulate them to fit your project. I decided to use the dragonfly image as a digital stamp and wanted to try my hand at designing a base image to be printed out and then used to create a real-time project later. So enter an open source paint program and Mixed Media's imagery! So out comes my tablet and I am playing away with my digi stamp!

I placed each dragonfly on their own layers. Then I colorized the image so I could use some if the color brushes.

I was so afraid to try this... I love it and can't wait to print it out and then add some wondeful paints and textures to this image!!

It is so nice to be able to save this and add to it. I will love showing your the finished project. See you later this month!

What a fun start!

1 comment:

  1. Debi, love the color added to the background and dragonflies are a favorite of mine too. Can't wait until you share part 2!