Recycled Card! by Debi Tullier

How many times have you had some leftover printings from a past project? Well, I have boxes of them and wish I had a use for them. I have recolored fabric to sew into new pieces. So I decided with the help of some products from Mixed Media to create a card from this scrap!

First I did a light wash over the letterpress image.

Followed by a scraping of molding paste which I then topped with gold Mica Powder.

I then took a stamp that I had on hand and some distress ink and printed parts of the image on the card.

Next is a digital image from Mixed Media Supply to compliment my arrangement. I also used a gelato stick to add a blue line behind the texture.  I used an airbrush to add the visual break to the top quarter of the card front.

Here my card front is attached to my card. I will use it a general card. I finished it off with a gold tempera stick and some wonderful distress ink pad. I hope that you enjoy my work.

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