Floral Spring Hello

I'm so happy with the way this card turned out.  It's simple and highlights a beautiful digital stamp from Mixed Media Supplies.

We celebrated Mom's 86th birthday this month.  Alzheimer's isn't kind and we are getting to the point of having to introduce ourselves on occasion.  Mom's favorite color is blue and her eyes twinkle a brilliant blue when she smiles.  I hope this card will bring a smile and twinkle.

You'll need:
Bouquet digital stamp (Mixed Media Supplies) to be released shortly
Ornamental Frame (digital stash)
Sapphire Mica (Mixed Media Supplies)
Photo editing program (Photo Shop Elements)
Printing program (Print Shop), optional
Die Cutting machine (Sizzix eclips2) and associated software (eCal2)
Markers (Tombow)
White embossing powder
heat gun
text background stamp
Water brush (#1 or #2)
Tape Runner (Tombow)
Quick dry Glue (LineCo Natural pH)

Embellishments (I used a laser woodcut)
Open your digital photo imaging program.  Open the digital stamp and alter the color of the stamp lines by changing hue and saturation.  Resize if needed and save. Repeat the process for the ornamental frame of your choice.  I altered the frame slightly to accommodate the bouquet.  Add the bouquet as an additional layer to the frame.  Make any changes needed and save.  I saved as a png and as a psd file just in case I wanted to make any additional changes in the future. 

Since I'm wanting to make sure that the image will fit in the desired size for my card front and print one additional image, I opened Print Shop and set the page up using the guides for placement of the png image.  Print the page when you are satisfied with the arrangement.

I let the ink on my print dry for about 24 hours before starting the watercolor background.  I chose a light brown and watered it down significantly before adding it in a pouncing manner around the images on my print.


I used a light turquoise to color in the butterfly.  Using a separate print, color the butterfly using a small amount of mica mixed with water.  Let dry.  Fussy cut the butterfly from the image and set aside.  

Open eCal2 and create an oval frame with a cut out that is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the ornamental frame you are using.  I added 1/4 inch to the measurements of my frame and created an oval with those measurements and added rectangle and used Back minus Front in the path dropdown to create my card front.  Cut using your die cutting machine.  (I didn't have a die that had a large enough opening for my image, so the electronic die cutting machine was my best option).

Using the background stamp and a light brown, stamp the oval frame, using some versamark ink, and a flourish stamp, stamp randomly around the frame.  Liberally sprinkle the embossing powder to cover all the stamped areas.  Remove the excess powder and using the heat gun, set the powder.
Using the eBrush, apply your color by spraying a light coat.  Once you've sprayed the frame, gently wipe the excess color away from the embossed images on the frame.

If the mica you mixed with water earlier has dried on your palette, re-charge it with a little more water and using a fine tipped waterbrush and create small dots as desired around the embossed images.  Let dry.

Adhere the digital print to the back of the oval frame.  Adhere the frame and print (now one piece) to the card front.  Using a dot of glue, adhere the butterfly and let dry.  Lift the wings a bit for some dimension.
Glue any other embellishments as desired.  I chose a "hello" woodcut  from my stash.  This piece could also be framed.  It would make a very nice piece of home decor. 

Thanks for dropping by and spending a little time on the MMS blog today.  Hope you've scheduled some creative play in this week!

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