July Welcome

Hi everyone.  Jan here with a fun upcycled bit of porch decor. 
I upcycled another side piece of a deconstructed shelving unit.  The Crackle background stamp from Mixed Media Supplies has always been a favorite of mine.  And even on this big piece, it added just the right touch. 
You'll need paint (Decor Art Multisurface satin- antique white, blue and red and dark gray - wrought iron)
Prep the wood -- I sanded to give the surface a little more tooth for the paint.
I used a based coat of Wrought Iron - let dry thoroughly.

Mark off sections for the "stripes" of color.  Dry brush your colors on.  Let a little of the dark gray wrought iron color show through.  Let dry.  If desired apply another light coat and let dry.

Base coat your letters, mine are 4 inches tall and about 1/4 in thick (Hobby Lobby) The star is about 6 inches in height and has some texture.  I basecoated with the antique white and then applied a coat of Krylon's Hammered copper paint (be sure to apply in a well ventilated area and let dry thoroughly.

Glue the letters and star to the painted base.  Let the glue dry.  For final touches, brayer a light coat of paint onto a portion of the crackle stamp, press lightly to the edges of the board as desired.  It's a nice touch and added just the right amount of texture.
Spray with several light coats of sealer, letting dry between coats.

Thanks for dropping by today and hope you'll set aside some time this week for some creative fun! Would love for you to stop by my blog to see more ideas using Mixed Media Supplies stamps and more. 

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