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Hi everyone.  Jan here to share this mixed media piece.  This piece is ATC size, loaded with mica and involves an impression of a real live leaf into the clay.  The dragonfly is a Mixed Media Supplies digital stamp printed on vellum.

Let's get started.
You'll need:
Clay - black or brown
Mica (Mixed Media Supplies)
Leaf (from a tree or plant)
Gelli Print (stash)
Digital stamp (Mixed Media Supplies)
Tombow Markers
Glossy Resin
Xyron Creative Station (permanent adhesive)
1/4" double stick tape (ScorTape)
soft bristle paint brush.
Pasta Machine (for clay conditioning)
Acrylic roller
Craft Knife
Cardstock (white 3 x 4-inch piece)

Condition clay as directed by the manufacturer, beginning at 1 and finishing at 3 (using a pasta machine).

If you need to, clean and dry the leaf to remove any dirt or chemicals.  Apply a generous coat of mica powder (I used 3 colors) to the back of the leaf (there is more texture there).

Place the leaf on the clay with the mica facing the clay.  Using the acrylic roller, roll the leaf lightly into the clay.  Leave in place and trim the excess clay using the craft knife.  Remove the unneeded clay and remove the leaf.
At this point bake the clay according to manufacturer's directions.  Let cool and remove from baking plate.

Print the dragonfly on vellum in the desired size.  Color on the wrong side (non-printed) as desired using Tombow markers.  The color is transparent on the vellum.  Cut as close to the outside lines as you can.  Apply a light coat of the glossy resin to the printed side of the dragonfly.  Set aside to dry.

Assemble the background.  Because my gelli print is done using copy paper, I add an extra backing of cardstock the same size as the ATC (2.5 x 3.5 in).  Then I add another backing that frames the gelli print (3 x 4).  Adhere using your favorite method.  I run the gelli print through the Xyron for edge to edge coverage.  Adhere the clay leaf to the gelli print, add the dragonfly and frame as desired.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek today.  Please drop by my blog for more mixed media ideas.  Hoping you have some creative time on your calendar this week!  Nurture your heart!

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