Stamping as a stencil

Hi, Jan here.  I wanted to share this quick project with you.  Every once in a while you need a new key chain.... here's mine inspired by all of the magnificent sunsets we've been seeing in recent days.

You'll need:
woodburning tool (mine is really old -- and not many safety features -- adult supervision is essential if you're letting kids do this)
Mixed Media Diamond Fence background stamp
water based inks (do not use a solvent based ink to stamp the background stamp on your wood)
blending tool
ModPodge matte finish
Wood (a Jenga or Tumbling Block wood piece is perfect)
eye screw (Stash)
key chain ring (Stash)

Prep the wood.  The wood I used is untreated -- no finish (therefore no toxic fumes when you use the woodburning tool). If it needs a little sanding for a smooth stamping surface, do it now.  Clean as needed.

Using a black or gray ink,  lightly stamp as desired around the block.

Preheat the woodburning tool.  Following the pattern of the stamp, burn the pattern into the wood.  You don't need to go really deep, follow the inked pattern as closely as you can. The wood I used was pretty soft -- and I got a nice color quickly.  Once you have the pattern burned in, make sure you unplug the burner and set aside to cool.  If desired, grab that sandpaper again for a quick go over.  I didn't want a deep pattern, so I did a light sanding.  Wipe any any excess dust.

Using a blending tool and desired ink colors, apply to the wood on all four sides.

Let the inks sit overnight to ensure they are dry and won't move a lot when you brush on ModPodge sealer.  I coated half of the piece, let dry and then added a coat to the remaining sides, let dry.  Add the screw eye and key chain ring.

I can see so many possibilities with other stencils and stamps for all holidays and these becoming ornaments. Hope you have set aside some creative time this weekend!  Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to drop by my blog for additional Mixed Media and other projects.

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