My daughters 27th Birthday Card

Mica Powders and Resin Butterfly

Mixed Media Supplies Mica Powders Copper, Pearl, and Saphire
Gold PearlEx
Resin skins
Glue (E6000)

I love to play with resin and especially the drippings that come off the original art piece.  In this case, I have sparkly and shimmery metallic micas. Resin makes great embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages as it can lye flat.  I used the mica powders with ArtResin as directed 1:1 stirring for the complete 4 minutes.
I used very little mica to color the resin for an entire 10x10 canvas board.
After I had let the resin cure for 12hrs I could then peel the resin off the parchment paper which was in place to catch all the drippings.  I used these left over bendy resin skins to cut into the shape of butterfly wings. I then let cure another 24hrs and glued them to a drawer pull. The tail lifts up.  I imagined this to be used as a zipper pull or hanging on a backpack.

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