Clay, texture and Mica

Time to get back to some clay.... it feels so good in my hands and is a good "stress" reliever for me.  I had a "brick" of black Sculpey III and some previous posts (here and here) reminded me of some things I wanted to try. 
Using some heart shaped cutters, texture stamps, mica and a bit of wire, some beads, I'd like to share two of the pieces I created during a recent play session.  

You'll need:
Sculpey III
Sculpey liquid clay (used as glue)
Sculpey Glaze
Heart Shaped clay cutters
Acrylic roller
Mica  Powder(Mixed Media Supplies)
Texture stamps
Round needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
beads and other pieces for embellishment
Paint brush
Baking tile or pan with aluminum foil

Condition clay according to manufacturer's directions. Using the acrylic roller, roll the clay to approximately 1/4 inch thick. Press the texture stamp into the clay and roll with the roller to get a good impression.  Cut with the cutters.  Smooth the sides of the clay.

Add beads, gems, embellishments. Use "glue" if needed. 

Brush on a little mica as desired. 

Optional:  Cut 2 pieces of wire about 3 inches long. Create a loop and twist the ends.  Repeat with the second piece of wire.  Flatten and insert into the clay. 
Bake as directed.  I generally add about 5 extra minutes to the baking process.  When the clay has thoroughly cooled, Apply glaze and let dry for 24 hours.  (If you chose not to add the loops, you can glue a flat backed bail to the back of the pendant or a pin back.) 

Add additional beads and chain as desired for a necklace. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll be creating in your crafting space soon! Please drop by my blog for more creative fun! 

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