My eBrushed Twinchie

Hi Everyone! today I am posting a small twinchie 2x2 altered chipboard. Papers used were MS cardstock and vellum paper for the flowers and butterflies. I eBrushed my butterflies, flowers and metal embellishment with Spectrum Noir Markers. Check out our other eBrushers and see what they did with our challenge on the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1494321010779881/


Just Because I Love You

Hello! Peggy here to show you how I used my eBrush and Pink & Main Stamps to create a children's card.
Todays supplies used are:

 I started by creating a background with my eBrush and Spectrum Noir Markers BT7, BT9 and BT5 on regular cardstock (White). With the lighter of the colors at the bottom and darker color as I went up. 
 I used the stars in my background from this set from Pink & Main. 
 I stamped the images I wanted to color in Memento Black Ink so when I colored them with alcohol markers the black would not bleed.  I stamped more than one image so I could also use the extra images as a mask. I placed the masks on top of the image and used my eBrush to color the large areas and I colored the rest by hand using BP6 , GB5, PL5 and TB8 Spectrum Noir Markers. The bottom of the spaceship is colored with BT9 and layered on top of the original image.

 For the moon and stars I used Stazon Inks on my background.  After my images were colored I created a sentiment from the same stamp set, which happens to be my daughters favorite saying when she goes to bed. I kept the spellbinders die attached while I sprayed GB5 SN creating a boarder around the sentiment.
 I decided after stamping the moon in Black I would use Stazon white on top of the moon. Below are my images all colored and ready to be assembled. I used a complimentary color of yellow for the card base.
Here it is all assembled. I used double sided tape to attach the background and foam dimensional tape to raise the sentiment . I placed a small ribbon on the sentimen. Lastly I used stickles in the stars and liquid pearls on the spaceship. 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as my daughter is going to enjoy her card.
I love my eBrush by Craftwell USA it is just too much fun not to share!!
Have a great day, 
Warmly, Peggy 


My Valentine

Hi! Peggy here to show you my Valentine card for "My Love". 
Supplies used today are: 
Spectrum Noir Markers
Cardstock, white and patterned hearts
Embellishments : Rain Dots Letters, Gold heart (starform), 
Cut Elements (Birds and Large Heart)
Embossing Folder
Octagon Stencil
Magnolia stamp pictured was not used in final project

I gathered some materials to use on my card. I decided to start with my large heart. 
I eBrushed my heart with Spectrum Noir Markers DR3 and LV2 . I used an octagon stencil on top of my heart. 

Next I prepared some letters that started out clear. I colored them with my eBrush using PL4 Spectrum Noir Markers.

 Then I colored my birds using my eBrush and DR3 Spectrum Noir Marker. I masked bottom portion of the cut element with post it notes.
 Below I masked off the birds and used my eBrush and the same marker and my octagon stencil .
I prepared my card base with white cardstock and embossed with a script folder.
before I assembled my card I used my eBrush to color my very peach ribbon pink to match my card
All parts put together below. 
I hope you have enjoyed my card tutorial. I encourage you to try the eBrush by Craftwell



Creative Home Decor and Journal Cover for ColourArte

Hello crafty peeps! Today I would like to show you two projects. First  how I made my octagon canvas. 
Today's supplies : 
Cardboard Box
Matte Medium 
Glue Dry or Wet
Exacto Knife or Cutting Tool
Sticky Back Canvas
Acrylic Paints 
White Gesso
Dauber or your finger
Black Marker
Molding Paste

I started with a shape that I found on the internet as my template. I resized it in photoshop and traced around my template to create four layers of cardboard. 

I cut out each one with an exacto knife and glued them together with matte medium. 
I used white gesso on all surfaces. 
Next I covered each of my four pieces with sticky back canvas and covered with a layer of white gesso. 
I completely let it dry before proceeding. I used molding paste with a spatula across all four canvas' in a straight but wavy line. The texture reminded me of waves. I let this dry completely. 
Without thinking I placed color and shapes on my canvas'. I used my fingers and my brush. For contrast I added white on the top layer with my stencils. I tried to give each piece the same but varied technique. Next I cut out shapes for masks. Two large circles and seven or so small circles out of copy paper. I used a butterfly mask for the center. 

I used these shapes to cover my canvas' and adhered them with temporary tape while I sponged on watered down gesso to the entire octagon.  I wanted to be able to see through the gesso slightly. When I took my masks off this is what it revealed.  I used a black sharpie to outline each shape. Next I filled in some white space with some black acrylic paint and stencils.  That's it! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and thank you for stopping by.

Project #2  Mixed Media Cold Press Journal Cover

Supplies used today are: 
  • Black Gesso 
  • Acrylic Paint: Cobalt Blue, Teal, Gold
  • Glimmer Mist Gold Brown (Cork)
  • Pearlex Interference Violet, Macropearl
  • Antique Gold Rub'n Buff 
  • Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer
  • Claudine Hellmuth Sticky-Back Canvas
  • Various Metal Findings including, keys, flowers (Tim Holtz), lightbulb, spoon, switch (Prima)button 

I started with a white cold press journal cover and used black gesso to cover the front entirely. 
Next I ripped some strips of canvas and gold wrapping ribbon and placed them on my background. I even kept the strands that I frayed on the edges. 

Then I got jiggy with my metal placing each piece just so. I glued everything down with 3d Crystal Lacquer.  Making sure each piece was either vertical or horizontal. I let this completely dry.
Next it was time to paint!
I brushed on Acrylic Teals, Blues, Purples, Golden Brown Acrylic Paint. 
I used my shimmer spray with the spray as well as dripping directly from the other end of the sprayer hose. I also used pearlex powders added with water to give more shimmer.. the interference violet gave this project it's much needed umph as well as the rub'n buff on various edges. 
This is my result. Thank you for stopping bye. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial . 

Peggy Oliver


Mixed Media Canvas

It's ‪#‎Artchain‬ Day4 for me today... Thank you Lynne Mizera for nominating me. First off I would like to nominate the talented Ms Daniella Hayes. to put up a photo on Facebook of a crafty item created by her for five days in a row - use Hashtag "Artchain" in her post- and nominate someone else to RIDE THE TRAIN! Here is my offering for Day4


Journal Drawing Fun

It's ‪#‎Artchain‬ Day3 for me today... Thank you Lynne Mizera for nominating me. First off I would like to nominate the talented Ms Terri Sproul. to put up a photo on Facebook of a crafty item created by her for five days in a row - use Hashtag "Artchain" in her post- and nominate someone else to RIDE THE TRAIN! Here is my offering for Day3
This is pencil drawn and colored with prismacolor pencils and acrylic paint. 

Enjoy your day!


Artchain Day 2

It's ‪#‎Artchain‬ Day2 for me today... Thank you Lynne Mizera for nominating me. First off I would like to nominate the talented Ms Barbara Rankin. to put up a photo on Facebook of a crafty item created by her for five days in a row - use Hashtag "Artchain" in her post- and nominate someone else to RIDE THE TRAIN! Here is my offering for Day2
This was hand drawn with pencil first. I tore papers and used matte medium to keep them in place. I used Gelato's, Acrylic Paints and Prismacolor Pencils to color her and the background.  My inspiration comes from here: https://www.youtube.com/user/willowing/about 
 I can say she is fabulously creative. 
Have a Great Day!!


Creative Art with Corrugated Cardboard .

It's ‪#‎Artchain‬ Day1 for me today... So HAPPY to be riding this train! Thank you Lynne Mizera for nominating me. First off I would like to nominate the talented Ms. Christina Sedor to put up a photo on Facebook of a crafty item created by her for five days in a row - use Hashtag "Artchain" in her post- and nominate someone else to RIDE THE TRAIN!  Here is my offering for Day1

Today I am showing an out of the box creation inspired by Creative Jumpstart 2015.  This project was made out of four layers of corrugated cardboard cut into octagon shapes. Supplies used include Gesso, Matte Medium, Acrylic Inks, Acrylic Paints, Stencils, Masks, Butterfly DieCut, Skins  
Enjoy the day!


Mixed Media on Wet Wipes?

Hi! Peggy here to show you how I used a wet wipe for my substrate in this fun project.

Supplies used today are:

  • Ebrush by Craftwell
  • Spectrum Noir Markers
  • White Gesso
  • Inks (honestly were just wiped off my craft sheet)
  • Wet Wipe or similar (Dryer Sheet/Paper Towel)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Stencils
  • Printer
  • Painters Tape
  • Copy Paper
  • Image to print
  • Printer

  I started with a dried dirty, inky, wet wipe to which I applied white gesso and let dry before adding any color.

I brought out a few stencils and using a sponge I applied acrylic paint to the numbers on my stencil and onto my wipe.  Next I played with my Ebrush and the stencils. I have a great sunburst stencil that I used in conjunction with my Spectrum Noir Markers in OR1

The last step I did was tape my art down with painters tape to a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and feed it through my laser printer. I chose a flower/butterfly theme for my image as my colors screamed garden. I also used a black and white image for contrast. 

whalla my mini project! I love it! I am planning to adhere this to a canvas in the near future so I can admire my work. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and I encourage you to try out the Ebrush from Craftwell on your next mixed media project!



Steampunk Airship Nightlight

Hello Peggy here to show you my last posting for Sin City Stamps! Its been a great run with some great folks and Awesome product! I present: My Steampunk Nightlight! It can be hung or attached to the wall.. I love it!
Todays supplies: 
Chipboard Airship
Silver Cardstock
Patterned Paper
Stazon Ink Black
Crystal Lacquer
Chains, keys, gears, switches, bolts anything metal

I created a two inch molding out of chipboard around two pieces of a chipboard airship to create a 3d effect. I covered the outside of the ship with silver reflective cardstock. Below shows the stamps and metal pulled out for easy access and to help with the creative flow. 
I stamped my Sin City Stamps with Black Stazon Ink to create a back ground using four stamps. 
Next I placed my metal pieces in the order I wanted them to appear and began to adhere them with Crystal Lacquer.
This is my result below! I added a battery operated light for a glow and whalla! 

The top and bottom were covered with Graphic 45 patterned paper. I added a hook and chain for hanging. I used patterned paper to also create a floor to hold the light on the inside.
Ball chain was added.

That's it! I am very proud to have been on the Sin City Stamps Design Team for two terms and I wish all the best to Donna and her fabulous Sin City Stamps Creations!
Congratulations to the new team I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Mixed Media Layering Backgrounds

Hello! Peggy here to show you my latest mixed media canvas using acrylic paints and my eBrush!
Today's supplies used are:

Spectrum Noir Markers 
Acrylic Paints
5 Stencils / 6 Masks 
Paint Brush
Golden White Gesso
Canvas (in this case sticky back canvas on chipboard)
Tonic Modular Die (used as stencil)
Golden Molding Paste
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Walnut Stain
Painters Tape

I prepped my canvas with white gesso and completely dried before starting. Next I added my background color with acrylic paint in a light blue. Then I added some texture with Golden Molding Paste and a hexagon stencil. I got impatient with the drying time on the molding paste so I switched up and used gesso as ink for some masks of a fleur de lis to offset all the blue. 
Next I brought out my eBrush and stenciled to my hearts content with bright yellow and green using my Spectrum Noir Markers. 

To tone this all down I used a watered down gesso mixture and applied using a credit card. You can see my mixture of water and gesso is still transparent enough to see the yellow and blue . I used about six numbers as masks. These particular masks are actually stickers placed in formation and sprayed with my eBrush in BT5 Spectrum Noir markers. I also used the side of the credit card to make lines on the numbers only going vertically and horizontally..
I brought out a die from Tonic Studios, my eBrush and a Spectrum Noir Marker. I taped my edges down with painters tape and around the die to prevent over spray.  I turned on my eBrush machine on the second pressure light and proceeded to cover the entire die.
Next I added some white gesso and water again to tone down the color. I wanted more texture so out came the molding paste again. This time after drying I put the stencil back on the in the same place and eBrushed just the raised portion of the molding paste. I love the effect.!
White gesso was used again on the tips of some of the raised image and also used to drip down the top of the canvas.  Lastly I darkened up the edges with distress inks. 
I just can't stop adding layers.. so fun!

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and I encourage You to try this technique! Above all have Fun!!