Sin City Stamps Light Switch Plate

Hi, Peggy here to show you how I produced this faceplate with Sin City Stamps!
Materials used today are: 
  • Sin City Stamps
  • Golden Molding Paste
  • Stencils (hexagon and circles)
  • Stazon Ink (black)
  • Distress Ink (Walnut Stain)
  • Water Mister
  • Heat Tool (Speed up drying time)
  • Gear Embellishments
  • E6000 Glue
  • Blank light switch plate
I started by sealing my raw wood plate with a coat of white gesso. I made some texture with Golden Molding Paste and Stencils.
Below shows how I used a Machine Man Unmounted Steampunk Stamp. I only used parts of the stamp with Stazon Black ink and rolled them onto my plate. Stazon was an important ink to use as it is permanent ink. I dropped distress ink and let it bleed and sprayed it with water. As I sprayed I could see my stamped images reappear. I had excess distress ink that ran off my project and onto my matt. I made sure to soak up some wrinkled dictionary paper for another project down the line. 

After a first coat of distress ink had dried I wanted it a little darker so more distress ink was needed. What I love is that distress inks are water based and the stazon is permanent, so I never lost my stamped images while darkening. 

 I added my embellishments with E6000 glue and thats it! Here you can see below the paper I used to soak up any extra ink.
I hope you enjoyed my post and encourage you to come out and see the Sin City Stamps Store for Stamps, Chipboard, Die Cuts, Stencils and more!..


Flower Album for Mum

Hello, Peggy here to show you how much fun I had with Arnold Grummer's Microfleur 
Flower Press and Molds.

Items I used today are:
Arnold Grummer's Microfleur Flower Press
Arnold Grummer's Books a la carte #9050
Accordion Fold Book
Arnold Grummer's Molds Mini Bugs
Polymer Clay
Copic Markers
Molding Paste
Matte Medium
Double Sided Tape
Drywall Tape
Metal Tape
Gold Acrylic Paint
 I placed my flowers and leaves inside the press and microwaved according to the directions. They came out perfectly and might I add very addicting! 
 I prepared my accordion photo album by inking the edges with my copic markers.  

 I used double sided tape to adhere each of my imported botanical sheets from the kit to the album.

 I made some paper flowers and ribbon with the botanical sheets.
 I used metal tape to the back of the ribbon strength. For a background I used Golden molding paste with a homemade stencil and colored with perfect pearls and gold acrylic paint. I used drywall tape for texture. 

  I glued each flower on a page with Golden Matte Medium and tried to make each one visually pleasing to the eye. I brought each page together with drywall tape that I colored gold. I made four mold casts out of Polymer Clay and baked as per the directions on the clay packaging. I painted each bug with Faber Castell Gelatos and topped with gold acrylic paint.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you use this code MOM20 you can receive

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Have a Great Day Peggy Oliver


Composimold and SinCity Stamps

Hello! Peggy here to show you how I made this one of a kind card and my favorite stamps. 
Items I used today are:
Polymer Clay
Black cardstock (base of card)
Corrugated paper
Golden Molding Paste
Black and Gold acrylic paint
Perfect Pearls 
Hemp Cord

A couple of weeks ago I showed how to use your stamps with composimold to create your own embellishments.  Here I am to show you what I did with one of the embellishments made. This particular 
stamp can be found here: Steampunk'd. I created a mold out of my balloon stamp from the Steampunk'd line from Sin City Stamps. I pressed my polymer clay into the mold and created a balloon embellishment that I painted with black acrylic paint and let dry. I made a second pass with some gold acrylic paint with my fingers along the top just to catch all the details. I used some black gloss paint for the center hands of my clock.
I created a background with my corrugated card and used molding paste and stencils for texture. I colored my background with perfect pearls. I then created a sentiment with perfect pearls to color.
Easy as that! I love than I can create embellishments with my stamps, it opens up a whole new world!
I hope you enjoyed my card and don't forget to get your own stamps, chipboard and much more from Sin City Stamps!


Mixed Media Canvas

Today I am showing a mixed media on canvas - Gelato's and Acrylic paints and Golden Matte Medium to seal. Great Tutorials on Ustream.. learning every day.


Lindy's Stamp Gang Color Challenge

Hello! today I would like to show you my journal page using Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays, Sin City Stamps stencil, stamps and homemade background stencils. 

 When my spray puddled I blew air at the ink and it gave me really cool effects. 
below is an elephant stencil from Sin City Stamps Stamps colored with perfect pearls. 

Lindy's Stamp Gang has fabulous colors and products to choose from. 
Sin City Stamps has a great selection of mixed media and stamping supplies. 
Thanks for looking!

Paper Mache Dress Form


Arnold Grummer's Spring Mini Album

Hello, Peggy here to show you how I made this wonderful little mini album
to be filled up with some pictures of spring. It's in the air isn't it?
Well, OK, a little early for some but here in British Columbia
on Vancouver Island we are in full bloom!

List of supplies for today's tutorial: 
I made some wonder full paper again with my Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit.  This time I made my sheets a bit thinner to be able to manipulate the paper around my chipboard easily.  I also used an iron to dry my sheets as last time I made paper I air dried. They came out much flatter.
I used my chipboard from the sticky notes kit for the front, spine and back covers. I taped my edges with double sided tape to make my handmade paper adhere. This picture below is a bit blurry but I thought I would include it as it shows my placement for the chipboard and the space allowance (1/8th of an inch) for the covers to close.
Below is my paper after being  taped down. 
Next I made four envelopes with my envelope punch board.
These tiny envelopes are perfect for my envelope mini. 
Then I made a hidden hinge system to place my envelopes onto to create pages in my book.
 I adhered the bottom of each envelope to the binding system. I placed a slit in the bottom of each envelope to slide onto the tabs. I ended up cutting off the top of each envelope as well to act as pockets. 
Next I made some tabs for each tag that I wanted to pull out of the envelopes. I used a Tim Holtz Die to cut these and I adhered them to each tag. I lined each tag with a matching cardstock.
On the front of my Mini Album I had made a Magnolia Paper Cast. 
It gave me a lot of texture but I was looking for more definition. 

This photo below shows the hidden hinge system perfectly. 
So in the end I went ahead and made a cast from the same Magnolia Casting 
mold with Polymer Clay. I colored it with acrylic paint.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. I love these products as they are so 
easy to use and easy to follow directions.

You can receive 20% off using this coupon code: EARTH20 for the month of march at checkout on the Arnold Grummer Web Site. 


Sin City Stamps and Composimold Embellishments

Hi! Peggy here with you today and I would like to show you what I did with some great products that I used to create embellishments. Sin City Stamps makes great embellishments when used with Composimold.
Today I used: 
  • Sin City Stamps
  • Composimold 
  • Crystal Lacquer 
  • Sculpy Clay 
  • White Gesso
  • Double sided tape
  • Cooking Oil
  • Acrylic Paints/Pearl Ex
  • Elmer's Glue

The first thing I did was lined my glass and plastic bowls with double sided tape to hold down 
my Sin City Stamps placed face up. I took my  finger and lightly brushed on some cooking oil. 
(I used a paper towel to soak up any excess.) 
I heated my Composimold for two minutes in the microwave and stirred until melted.
I used a paintbrush to cover just the stamps at first layering evenly.
I make sure to have sufficient layers on the top to make a  good impression.
I let it set and pulled off the Composimold. The double sided tape held my stamps in place. 
I wasn't sure at first what I was going to make embellishments out of. The first thing I tried was Crystal Lacquer. I love how it grabbed every detail. I painted them with white gesso and they are ready for coloring. 

Next I wanted to make some embellishments out of polymer clay. The molds were so easy to use. 
I baked as directed and painted with white gesso. 
Before coloring I lightly sanded all the edges. 

Whalla.. instant embellishments with your stamps! The total process took only minutes. 
Check out Sin City Stamps today! 
Below is my finished home made embellies.. :
I  mostly colored with Pearl Ex and Crystal Lacquer. 

 Below I used black acrylic paint as a base and elmer's glue as a second layer and 
acrylic white and pink to create a crackled distressed look. 
Below I used Pearl Ex to color.
 Here is an embelishment made from Crystal Lacquer as my foundation.
Painted with pearl ex and crystal lacquer.

I hope you enjoyed my embellishment project as much as I had fun making them.