Extreme Challenge #78

Things are bad!! Please send chocolate.. toblerone to be exact.. lol
today I show you my Xtream Vintage tag  with skull double stamped off my card. 

Join me and the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers on our challenge #78
post your stamped image to play along. 

Thanks for taking a look and joining me today have a great weekend!!


Valentines Tag My Love

Hi! This is Peggy and I am showing you my Valentines Tag. 

Supplies used today are: 

alcohol markers
white flowers 
wood embellishment
patterned paper

I sprayed red alcohol markers on my flowers to coordinate with my papers today.  Then I created a tag from cardstock and with my adaptor for my specific marker I was able to make my own embellishments with ease using my eBrush. 

Next I layered my stickers and embellishments to create this tag. 

I enjoyed creating today's tag for "My Love".  Check out our eBrush by Craftwell Here!
I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Peggy Oliver


Outrageous Sisters Challenge

Hello and Welcome! Today I am showing you my challenge for the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.
The Challenge is called O for Outrageous and I created a little mixed media treat for you today.
I am in love with DecoArt Products and today I am showing you a DecoArt Crackle Paste dried and sprayed with DecoArt media line Shimmer Mister (Turquoise) and water. The tail is made using Tim Holtz Distress Paints (chipped sapphire, mermaid lagoon, seedless preserves), sprayed water and dripped 70% alcohol.
Come and join us for this challenge down at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers Blog and upload your picture for the challenge. 


DIY Decor with Craftwell USA

 Hello! Today I would like to show you my DIY bathroom decor piece. 
Today's supplies include: 
Potpourri bag of assorted shapes to airbrush
Alcohol Marker

Below is the bag I started with of Potpourri nicely scented for my bathroom. 
 I used my eBrush  to give the purple and pink shades I needed for my flowers. I held my eBrush 12inches away from my flowers and gave them all a kiss of pink and purple. I love how some came out lighter than others for a variation in color. 
Next it was time to glue down the pieces of potpourri onto the piece of the dried driftwood. 
 And that is it! I have a beautiful piece of placed flowers and sponges that smell great too!
 This is my result. 

 I hope you enjoyed todays DIY and encourage you to check out our blog at http://blog.craftwellusa.com/

Peggy Oliver


Y did you buy that!

Hi Crafty Folk! I would like to share with you my "Y did you buy that" for the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.  Here I am showing you my World Tour Stamps from Inkadinkado purchased several years ago and never used.
Apparently I thought I would be going on a world tour sometime soon and 
so I purchased these stamps.. 6yrs later... lol 
So I made this 2Bach World Tour Tag For a Backstage Pass to all the inside scoop.lol 

I hope you enjoyed Challenge #76 Come on down to join us and post your entries!


Stencil Texture Building

Hello Peggy here to show you my stencil fun over the weekend. 
Today's supplies include: 
 I chose to whiten my tag and painted it white but this is your preference.  I started with my tag. I used one stencil for this tag and I wanted a shabby pink look so pink it was.  I airbrushed my tag with my stencil using my eBrush. So simple and quick! Then it was time to embellish.  My eBrush made this process so easy my seven year old can easily handle this machine. I love my final result. 
 Next I chose a few different stencils and mix and matched as I airbrushed and turned my stencils to create this fabulous background paper to emulate those Northern Lights we get in Canada. I had the perfect stamp of trees in the foreground.  This example uses four colors of markers and each time I used my eBrush to change colors I also changed the direction of the stencil.
Here is my result.. 
 I hope you enjoyed my stencil play! I recently cleaned my space and WOW I have a ton of stuff I had forgotten about. This let to play of course.. I hope you enjoyed this read and I encourage you to try out the eBrush. This tool is just too fun!!

Peggy Oliver


DecoArt Media Line

Hello Peggy here to show you how I made this canvas texture with DecoArt Media line. 

Today's supplies include : 
Tissue Paper
Mini Art Stones 
Acrylic Paint
Paint brushes

I blended some Media molding paste with my mini art stones until my desired consistency. Using a spatula I scraped across the middle of the prepared canvas leaving behind various levels of texture. Next I used matte medium to glue down some tissue paper. I just used what was on hand. In my case it was a pattern that I then covered in white gesso on the top half of my canvas. 
 I let this dry completely and started with coloring my sky with quinacridone blue, phthalo green, ultramarine blue, dioxazine violet, titanium white and gold highlights. I determined my skyline and when from there.

Brought to you by DecoArt blogger outreach program. 


DIY Chandelier Makeover

Dixie Belle Paint Company and eBrush by Craftwell USA
Hello! today I would like to show you my garage sale makeover. I found this brass chandelier that desperately needed a makeover.
Today's supplies include: 
White Gesso 
Sanding paper
Patterned paper over old cones

I cleaned my brass piece with a damp cloth and let dry.  I used my eBrush with siphon today by mixing Dixie Belle Paint (Sea Glass) with water. More paint than water ratio. I sprayed in layers my goal was not to cover the entire surface. I wanted to see a bit of the brass. I also used gesso in spots for a shabby look. 
Then I took my sand paper to spots to expose more brass bits. 
Next I took some patterned paper and wrapped it around the tube/cylinders that house the electrical for the light bulbs. 

I love the result!

This project was a little tricky to photograph but in real life this little chandelier is so cute!
Thank you to our sponsor this month Dixie Bell Paints for providing us with some fabulous paint check them out!
As well you can find our eBrush by Craftwell USA Here..
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and to everyone I wish a Merry Christmas!


Peggy Oliver
Blog: http://mystampingobsession.blogspot.com


DIY Cafe Paris Wall Decor with DecoArt Stencils

Hello! Today I would like to show you how I made this wooden sign from a scrap of wood. 
Supplies used today are: 
Paint Brush
Pictured here are all my supplies. I found a piece of wood from a sign shop dumpster. Its three ply. Pretty nice wood but the grain is going the wrong way for my sign. 

I used Gesso from the Media line at DecoArt and covered my entire piece of wood. 

 Next I mixed some black with white liquid acrylic pain to make grey and created some lines to represent three separate pieces of wood. As if it were nailed together I even created nail holes with paint.  Next I mixed the cadmium red with white to create pink. I lightly brushed both the pink and grey colors over my entire piece to resemble a worn out or distressed look. 
 Then it was time to stencil and I chose to use some DecoArt Media Crackle Paste and some Cadmium Red mixed together.  This gave me a really cool pink crackle.
 Next I decided to add a white wash using white acrylic watered down and I covered my entire piece.

 Lastly I touched up my stencil lettering with some red cadmium and silver metalic paints from the DecoArt Media Line.  I just used my fingers to lightly touch the raised lettering. 

And that's it! Fabulous DIY wooden decor!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial  and I encourage you to visit 
DecoArt Blog and Website for their complete line of Media and Stencils.